Metroconnect version 1.6 is live

The upgrade to v1.6 has gone well. Have a look at the new features we have applied

These include

- Additional fixed processes.
- Line item and complete order pricing.
- Quote function (Members can create quotes).
- Automated quote fulfilment/pricing.
- Create and add margins to quotes via cost plus or retail down pricing.
- Add ad hoc quote lines (e.g. labour, travel).
- Branded PDF quote downloading.
- Submit quotes for ordering.
- New user interface framework.

If you have any queries or need help please contact your sales representative or email your query to

New Products


A digital printer for flat glass decoration using ceramic inks.

GlassJet, the first, and only direct-on-glass, Ceramic Ink Digital printer in New Zealand. The printer expands the possibilities for both designers and their customers without the limitations of traditional screen printing.

The Glassjet is a versatile flatbed unit suitable for any glass application, including interior and exterior architectural glass; automotive; appliances; and furniture.

Switchable Glass

Switchable Glass permits snap-of-the-finger-fast electric control of light, energy and privacy through intelligent glass.  A technically-advanced emulsion of liquid crystal integrated in a switchable interlayer unleashes the power to change the view from opaque to clear, electrically, in just 1/50th of a second.

Switchable Glass is ideal for the paritioning of interior building spaces such as conference rooms and gymnasiums, or it can be used as an alternative to blinds and curtains.